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Frequently Asked Questions

Officers IAS Academy has always drawn students from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a civil servant. Occasionally, we have students who have the passion and drive to become civil servants but are limited by work or personal reasons. The Online Program is driven by the need to remove impediments from their journey. The objective of the Online Program is to help students learn at their own convenience, with support from all of us at Officers IAS Academy. Our Online Program covers all the requirements of an aspirant, namely General Studies, Optionals, CSAT, Test Series (Prelims/Mains) and Interview Module.

1.How can I register for the Online Program?

All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Log on to https://onlineofficersiasacademy.com/
  2. Select the course combination you prefer (GS only/ GS+Optional/ GS+Optional+CSAT).
  3. Add to cart and complete the Online Payment. 

If you require any assistance in this effort, please reach out to our Technical Assistance Counselor: Mr Thilak at 7358707226.

2.Will I be charged extra if I opt for the online course?

Absolutely not! In fact, the online program is priced less than the offline program. Many students from the far reaches of India come to us to study offline, and many cannot due to work/study. To simplify exam preparation for them, we have our Online Program. It is a one stop location where all the student needs to crack the exam is available.

3.What can I expect in the Online Program?

The Online Program is designed to provide access to the core course material. 

Video Course:

This will consist of the core classes for each subject. It begins with a gentle introduction to the subject by each member of the Faculty, along with a general discussion of the question trends of the past years, the booklist and the syllabus along with some other information that the student needs to master their subject successfully. The style and presentation may vary from Faculty to Faculty for the introduction. This is followed by the core classes.

We also offer Guest Lectures where we feature prominent members of the civil services who share their experiences in the daily life of an IAS/IPS/IFS officer. They are valuable for the way they help our students refocus and find their ‘why’. We also bring in subject knowledge experts to help students deepen their understanding of the subjects.

Test Series:

The Test Series is offered concurrently with the tests for classroom students. The test series can be accessed with the unique login id and password credentials of the student. Our Online Students are encouraged to take up the test, at their own convenience, but within a one-week cycle before the next test. You will have three hours to complete the Mains GS test. Once the test is begun, it is inadvisable for the students to leave midway. If the student experiences technical difficulty while writing the test, and has to retake it, please reach out to us at 7358707226, for assistance from our Technical Assistance Counsellor – Mr Thilak.

 The results of the test can be accessed immediately after the test, and the solutions for each question is provided on a question-by-question basis. In case of doubts, you can always reach out to us at doubts@officersiasacademy.com or 9677174226.


This is the element that most concerns our online students: Whether or not they will be offered our flagship mentoring program. Let us reassure you by saying that online students definitely have mentoring sessions once every fortnight. They can opt to have these sessions over the phone or through skype. Our online students also have the option of coming in person to meet the faculty for mentorship.

4.How can I access the videos and materials?

As a student, you will be provided login credentials for accessing the videos for the online course. You can log onto the website https://onlineofficersiasacademy.com/. (Our website is accessible through mobile browsers as well). Please select the tab marked ‘User Dashboard’, to access the videos. 

In addition to this, you can access the class notes, PPTs and the relevant material accompanying your video lectures at the ERP, a repository for your notes that can be accessed at your convenience.

5.What is the structure of the Test Series Online?

We have a systematic way of conducting tests. Until November, the weekly Preliminary and Mains tests are hosted online. Students are encouraged to take their tests within the week they are issued. The preliminary mock tests are held in the same pattern as UPSC. It has a 100 question multiple choice paper set for 200 marks each. This means that each question is worth two marks. There is also negative marking for incorrect answers. 

 For the Mains tests, the students are requested to scan a copy of their answer sheet and send us the copy. The paper is then corrected, with remarks regarding the performance of the student with respect to the question. Then it is sent back to the candidates online in a one-week cycle.

Post-November, we start our full-fledged Prelims Test Series, which will again consist of Warm-up tests and Full Mocks Tests to help you face the Actual Prelims with greater confidence and practice. Online students will be taking the tests using a web portal, just like before.

The tests are designed in the pattern of the previous year question papers’ trends and line carefully with UPSC’s. The question paper is set by Faculty who are often IAS officers themselves, and their team. The test analysis generated in the ERP has metrics like the ratio of right/wrong answers, your test rankings, the average for the test, overall performance, percentile score improvements.

6.What is the time table for the online course?

There is a separate classroom time table followed for the online classes. The students can view the videos in accordance with this time table. The class videos and the respective presentations used by the Faculty will be uploaded in the portal right after the class.

7.Do we have the provision for attending classes in the academy?

Yes, we do. If any online student wishes to take a class at our academy, they can just inform the Admin department through an email (admin@officersiasacademy.com) and mention the lecture they want to take offline. Admin will revert with relevant assistance and responses.

8.What if I face any difficulty with accessing my videos, or for any other query?

In case of technical difficulty, please contact Mr Thilak – 7358707226, Technical Assistance Counsellor. In case of a scholastic doubt, please contact the Admin department at 9677031226.

9. Is the Mentoring Program available to Online students?

Of course, yes! Our mentoring program caters to the individual needs of every aspirant. This has received a tremendously positive response from our students who flourish under this program. This helps them do an objective evaluation of their performance and have a forum for them to address any concerns they have. This facility will be extended to our online students as well. Our mentoring team will be contacting the online students intermittently for conducting the mentoring session.

10.What are the advantages of an online program?

There are many aspirants who have successfully cleared the UPSC exam while working, including our Director R.A. Israel Jebasingh I.A.S. The most significant advantage of the online program is the accessibility that we offer- Any time & “n” number of times. You can access the videos and materials wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet and use it as many times as you want until your doubts are cleared.

11. If I am an online student, then how will my papers be evaluated?

For prelims, an online portal is available to students with a unique login id and password. They can access this test at any point in time. The students are strongly advised to complete their tests in the week following the release of the test. It lasts for two hours and the results of the test are published immediately. The students can then analyze their results and calibrate their performance accordingly.

For mains, students have to scan their answer sheets and send them to us, and the answer sheets will be evaluated by the faculty team and marks, opinions and suggestion to improve will be provided accordingly.

12.How many times can I watch the course videos?

You can watch it till your doubts are wholly resolved or until your system is drained of power. We do not keep a restriction on the number of times you can watch. 

13.How will I be able to attend the Interview Program after my mains exam?

Our online students have access to the DAF analysis, one on one interview and current affairs classes online. We also host mock panel interviews with distinguished members, and it is strongly advised that our students appear in person for the interview. This will create a perfect practice session for the actual interview. However, if the student is in no way able to come to us personally, then we can arrange a skype session to the same end.

14.How will I receive the books?

All the books will be sent through courier services after you join our program. Kindly leave your address where you can receive your course curriculum to the Admin Department available at (admin@officersiasacademy.com), after the registration. 

15.What is the validity of the uploaded videos?

All videos are valid until the course ends. You may watch the video any number of times during the course period. After the end of the course period, you are encouraged to still be in touch with the faculty/admin for any assistance that you require.

16.Can I watch some sample video classes before I pay and register for the course?

Of course, yes! We respect your concern. Anyone who creates an account with us on “www.https://onlineofficersiasacademy.com/” with a password will have access to sample classes by Faculty (of every subject), teaching at Officers IAS Academy. These sample videos are available free of cost and will be at your disposal before you decide to pay.

The sample videos are 50 minutes long and let you indulge in a one on one, personalised experience. We will also provide a pdf link for the lecture notes. This is however only for the sample videos. With respect to the actual lecture notes, you will be provided a unique ERP id and password which will hold your lecture notes. 

Once you have browsed through our sample selection and found it satisfactory, then, you can pay and register for our online programme.

17.How can I choose my optional?

This is a question that is very fundamental to your preparation. An optional can make or break your attempt. It is therefore vital that you select the right optional. With the right optional, you need to be able to spend a lot of time studying with interest and be able to produce answers in mains that will be coherent and crisp.

This is why Officers IAS Academy has Optional counselling available to help students make the right decisions for them. This counselling session will help candidates find the right fit for them. This is a process wherein they will have access to the orientation sessions for each optional and they are privy to the syllabus, and the previous year question so they can see if the optional is best suited for them. Even after this, if the student has a clouded mind on what to choose for Optional, he/she can have a phone call session with our Director Mr Israel Jebasingh I.A.S., who will assist the student in selecting the Optional based on his/her strengths and weaknesses.

18.What if I miss a test?

Ideally, we do not recommend missing any test. In the event of missing any prelims test, students are required to take the test within seven days. If what you have missed is a mains test, then the scanned answer sheet has to be sent within three days.

19.How can I track my progress?

There are systems in place to ensure accountability. We track the progress of a student with respect to the time table we have for the video lectures.

20.What does Officers IAS Academy do to keep track of my progress?

The Admin department at Officers IAS Academy will send you reminders regarding pursuing your video. We are obligated to ensure your progress is measured and consistent. If we notice that there is a long break of over two weeks in pursuing your lectures, we reach out personally to ensure you are okay or resolve any issues you might be facing. 

21.What are the benefits of the offline vs online program?

Online Program Offline Program
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Learn until you achieve concept clarity Cannot gauge the competition level  Can ask the faculty member doubts as and as they arise Lessons happen in real-time and a loss of attention is a loss of understanding
Can view lessons multiple times Must have internet access to learn The atmosphere of learning will have a greater impact on memory and retention. Do not need internet access to learn
There will be follow-ups regarding the progress of the student online Faculty access is limited by time lag only. Visually understand the level of competition in the exam

22.What are the Optionals available in the online course module?

There are only five Optionals available in the online course.  They are Public Administration, History, Anthropology, Sociology  and Geography.

23.Within how many days will the video be uploaded?

Officers IAS Academy will provide a time table for the online classes according to which the video lectures will be released. The time table will be provided to you on a weekly basis. The recording of the class lecture will be provided in accordance with the time table

24.Can an online student join the Steeplechase Program?

Yes, of course! The Steeplechase program is designed for those who have a good grasp on the basics but unfortunately couldn’t clear the exam due to some personal reason like sickness on the exam day. Oftentimes, this is a point where a lot of the candidates feel discouraged with their preparation and get demotivated. The Steeplechase program is designed to help them keep their preparation on track. The Steeplechase program is designed to rigorously test the candidates and ensure that they are never out-of-touch with their preparation.

Every student will be trained rigorously according to the UPSC syllabus by giving continuous Prelims/Mains test every week. We also provide access to online classes for our Steeplechase program.

Mr Ilanchezhian, who is the Course Director has explained more about the Steeplechase program in the video given below.